Super Paulownia;SHI Group Leading Products

Characteristics associated with the use of Super Paulownia as timber


Super Paulownia has higher levels of flexibility and elasticity, so small nicks or cracks can seal itself up. When used as flooring in homes, it is ideal for children and the elderly because it is not as slippery as other floorings and if there is a fall, the softer characteristic of the wood means a softer landing.


The specific gravity of the lightness of Super Paulownia is 0.28 to 0.3. This means that chairs and tables made from Super Paulownia are lighter and easier to move, making the moving of furniture that much easier.

Moisture resistant

Super Paulownia is moisture resistant so water cannot penetrate easily from the outer surfaces to the inner area. It remains clear and free of condensation.
It is also strongly resistant to changes in humidity, making it resistant to molding and ideal for storage of clothing or food items such as rice.

Low thermal conductivity

The cells that comprise the Super Paulownia have an air layer, making it hard for heat to conduct itself.
By providing effective thermal insulation, it helps maintain the temperature for a long time. In other words, it sustains cool temperatures even after the air conditioner is turned off, or maintains warmth even after the heater is turned off. By using Paulownia in the walls or flooring, it will help save energy costs.

Rapid evaporation of water content

Super Paulownia wood has high water content, with an average of 188% moisture content. However, just by allowing it to dry naturally, this moisture content decreases to 12%. This saves the cost of a drying process that might normally be needed before using the Paulownia as a building material.

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